Rapid Response

We have a fleet of vehicles that are utilized for rapid response to provide our clients with a wholesome sense of security, as we will be there when we are needed no matter what time of the day it is.

Our rapid response will always carry with security aides that are suitable for any scenario including a first aid kit in case it will be required of it when they get to the client.

Neighbourhood Watch

This is a package for communities, whereby they come together and contract us to scout their neighborhood during the night.

This could be deployment of physical guards in your area or we mount street lights with cameras in your streets giving you peaceful sleep knowing Rogel has an eye on everything.

Private Investigation Services

Visibility is not required all the time especially if one is seeking to gather information , as information is censored depending on who wants the information.

Our well trained investigators have the skill and expertise of mingling in the crowd, obtaining information needed without being noticed or suspected of or leaving any trace. The information will is guaranteed to be legal and admissible in court if need be as the investigation is done in accordance with the law.

About Rogel

What is Rogel all about?

Rogel background

During the early years of our inception we serviced the government sector mainly but over the last 5 years we have slowly encroached into the private sector.

  • We offer quite a wide range of security services and products which include, manned guarding services, personalized security services.
  • Coming from a humble background our market share now includes other provincial markets besides Harare like Mashonaland West, Manicaland and Masvingo.
  • We value honesty, Integrity and respect in conduct as we aim at forming long lasting business relationships with our clients